Except tourist marking, the so-called forestry-enterprising marking may be seen in the mountains as well



According to the Forest Structure Instructions from 1993 in the Bulgarian Mountains is used also the following forestry-enterprising marking and it indicates:

bullet Boundary of Protected Natural Territory:

It consists of two-color white and red strip above which on white background with black letters is written the abbreviation of the protected territory type:


Boundary of Reserve


     - Reserve

  - Protected Area

  - National Park

  - Historical Area

  - Natural Phenomenon




The Buffer Zone of a reserve is marked with red strip:

Boundary of The Buffer Zone of a reserve


bullet Boundary of Branch and Sub-branch:

These boundaries share the forest into certain forest sections. Next to the sign for branch on white background with black letters sometimes is written its number:

Boundary of Branch          Boundary of Sub-branch


bullet Seminal Base:

Its boundary is indicated with yellow strip with inscription above it "", again with yellow letters. Sometimes is used yellow cross as well:

Boundary of Seminal Base          Boundary of Seminal Base



bulletAccording to the Regulations for Applying the Forest Law the boundaries of the forests and the lands from the forest funds property of persons are indicated with two paint strips on standing trees, wooden or concrete pillars. The strips are with width 3 sm. and have equal to their width distance between one another. These are painted on the inner side of the estate. Below the two strips on white background is written the letter "K" and the last four numbers of the estate number
bulletThe paint colors of the forests and lands not belonging to the State Forestry Enterprise are as follows:
bullet White when the forests and the lands belong to persons, schools, libraries or other juristic persons
bulletRed when the forests and the lands belong to religious organizations
bullet Yellow when the forests and the lands belong to the Municipalities




The hunting areas () are indicated in the following way:

The hunting areas ()


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